Welcome to MLP Beauty Studio 


I am Marquisha “Kecia” Palmer

Licensed & Insured Esthetician
Certified Medical Assistant
Brazillian Technique Postop Expert
Body Contouring Specialist
Fitness Junkie and 

Owner of MLP Beauty Studio by the #1 Upscale Postop Body Contouring Spa & Advanced Career Training Center in the Atlanta Ga area for the

#1 in Biz industry experience & customer service

17 Years Experience owner MLP Beauty Studio

18 Years experience in Esthetics Industry

22 Years Medical Infection control & Sanitation experience

13 Year experience NON-Surgical Body contouring & Butt Lifts in which I have treated over 10k clients. I have over 250 reviews on my website from my clients. I started training others to offer Postop & body contouring services and business consulting years ago and have students across the US states that left their 9 to 5s an opened their own businesses!